Sep 30, 2011

121 Women Received Akita Bijin Certificate and United to Engage in Tourism Campaign This Weekend!

This weekend in Tokyo, Tazawako Kakunodate Tourism Federation (田沢湖角館観光連盟)will have a new campaign themed in “100 Akita Bijin,” Akita’s Beautiful Women. On Sep. 22, a ceremony was held at Kurion, a multi-purpose hot spring facility in Nishiki.

The campaign team is consisted of 121 members aged between 20 and 60. On Oct. 1, they will gather at JR Ueno Station and Yurakucho Station in Tokyo to promote the Semboku City products and distribute PR materials including some discount information.

60 local members attended at the ceremony. Ms. Sakurako Shimoda represented the team and received the Akita Bijin Shomeisho (秋田美人証明書), a certificate to approve the quality as an Akita’s beautiful woman.

The certificate is unique and humorous like no other. It says, “You are a woman who highly qualifies to be called as an Akita Bijin. Your skin is white and bright like snow, your eyes are even mysterious like Lake Tazawa, and your smile and Akita dialect warmly embrace us. That is why, no matter what others say, we approve you as a Akita Bijin. Hence, we certify you as an Akita Bijin.”

Ms. Shimoda said before the crowd, “I am grateful for such recognition. On such honor, let us all energize our Tazawako Kakunodate.”

The campaign team will gather at both JR Ueno and Yurakucho Stations, to promote the tourism to Tazawako Kakunodate Area as a part of Japan Railway (JR)'s upcoming Destination Campaign in Akita Prefecture. 

Please come by to meet the beauties and get some discount information on traveling to Akita! (More details on older post)

Note: To avoid the crowd, if you have a choice, you might want to try JR Yurakucho Station (15:30 - 16:30), since JR Ueno Station is expected to be more flooded!

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