Oct 17, 2011

A Guided Bus Tour from Tazawako Kogen Hot Spring to Oyasukyo Hot Spring in Yuzawa City

Komachi Kurashikku-go, a guided bus tour from Tazawako Plateau Onsen Area to Yuzawa Oyasukyo Onsen, is now available through December 25th. The tour bus is one-way, not a round trip, and it stops at many tourist attractions along the way. This is a perfect way for you to go from Tazawako to Yuzawa City, while you take a look at the heritage of Sothern Akita Prefecture!

The bus departs from your hotel in Tazawako Plateau. It will make the first stop in Kakunodate Town, which is known as the Little Kyoto of Tohoku. You will explore the Bukeyashiki (Samurai Houses) Area.

Then, the bus will take you to Rokugo-Yusuigun , an area known for the countless natural springs, and stop at Niteko Spring,  Niteko-saida.

Next stop will be A Historical Museum in Kanazawa which exhibits historical resources from the civil war (Gosan'nen-no-Eki) period. It is a short stop before lunch at Akita Furusatomura in Yokote City.  

In the afternoon, you will explore Yokote City. First is a town named Masuda to see some Kura, traditional warehouses. Michi-no-Eki Jumonji is close-by where you will be finding yourself bags of fresh fruits and vegetables.

In no time, you will be in Yuzawa City. You will take a glimpse of the summer festival and walk in the Sake brewery  in Kimura Shuzo. You could choose to get off at Yuzawa Station or continue to spend a night in another picturesque hot spring of Akita, Oyasukyo Onsen.

The tour is available on Saturdays and Sundays from October 1st to December 25th, 2011.

Contact Ugokotsu Bus Company: Call (0182-32-4155) or Fax (0182-32-1656).
Reserve before 16:30 pm on the day before.

3,000Yen /Person.
Pay in CASH only on the day of departure. Lunch is not included.

Number of Passengers:
Between 2 and 42 people.

Fee due to Cancellation / Change:
You might be charged the cancellation fee if your group was the only passengers.

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