Oct 17, 2011

The Fall Foliage Has Finally Arrived in Nyuto Hot Spring Area!

In the most recent updates on fall foliage in Tazawako Area, Nyuto Onsen Hot Spring Area is finally reported to have reached its peak!

Nyuto Area is covered with many different kinds of trees: the best known are beech trees, which shows the brightest shades of oranges in this season. The picture of the spectacular view of Kuroyu Onsen embedded in the bright orange and yellow mountains (see below) is probably one of the most published to represent Nyuto Hot Spring Area.

Kuroyu Onsen (黒湯温泉)

Here are some photos of Nyuto Area from last week when it was at the earlier stage of foliage. The foliage has gotten preceded even further by now; Now the leaves are in much more vibrant colors!

"Nyuto Onsen Map"

In the average year, the foliage is expected to arrive from October 11 and 22. The temperature is already so low today that it feels as if it would start to snow any day - not until mid-November. 

Just imagine yourself being soaked in the hot steamy hot spring bath out in the nature! That’s the experience you could have in Nyuto this week!


lina said...

You make me wish I am there, walking the trail to Tsurunoyu Onsen. ^^

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

:) We wish you were here with us, Lina-san!