Oct 13, 2011

Beautiful Autumn Foliage Season Has Arrived in Tamagawa

Tamagawa (玉川) is an area in the northern Semboku City. It is known for the beautiful natural scenery and the unique Tamagawa Onsen. In recent years, a location filming of the award-winning Korean Drama IRIS has taken place at the nearby Tamagawa Dam, which made the place one of the visited sites for the royal fans. The beautiful area shows the most vibrant autumn colors and visited by many people around the country. Here are a few pictues taken yesterday by one of our staffs, Mr. H :D

A Beautiful Rainbow in the colorful mountain! So lucky :D

Tamagawa area is expected to be in the peak of foliage season around October 20th. You must catch a glimse of the spectacular view! Updated foliage information is here.


lina said...

Such beautiful colours. :)

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Yes :) Been seeing many raibows lately, and it creates such a gorgeous sight!