Oct 26, 2011

Great Winter Deals in Tazawako Plateau Hot Spring Area (Until March 31)

Tazawako Plateau Hot Spring Area will launch a new winter campaign to commemorate the selection of mascot characters, in which they welcome you with some gorgeous presents, discounts, and much more!

The 5 Large hotels in Tazawako Plateau Hot Spring Area will offer you cheaper and unique plans during this campaign that will start on November 1 and continues until March 31.

The following prices are per one guest and it includes two meals:

Highland Hotel Sanso (TEL 0187-46-2121):

Steamed Lobster and Marbled Beef Steak Plan

8,800 Yen (4 People in One Room)

9,800 Yen (3 People in One Room)

10,800Yen (2 People in One Room)

* Bathing Tax (150 Yen) will be additionally charged.

* Fridays, Saturdays, and Holidays are 1,000Yen More.

Tazawa Kogen Hotel (TEL 0187-46-2311)

Choose Your Own and Enjoy Your Nabe (“Hot Pot”) Plan

8,550 Yen (2-4 People in One Room)

10,650 Yen (1 Person in One Room)

Tazawa Plateau Hotel (TEL 0120-464-332)

Heart-Warming Meals Around an Irori Fire Place Plan

11,100 Yen – 15,800 Yen

Plaza Hotel Sanrokuso (TEL 0187-46-2131)

Nijinobuta Shabu-Shabu Plan

8,400 Yen – 9,450Yen (4 People in One Room)

*Not Available between December 30 and January 3

Komagatake Kanko Hotel (TEL 0187-46-2211)

Akita’s 3 Different Meats and Your Choice of Hot Pot Plan

10,000 Yen (2 – 4 People in One Room)

*Fridays, Saturdays, and Holidays are 2,000Yen More.

*Not Available between December 30 – January 3.

*Reserve 3 days prior to your arrival and before 18:00.

9 Great Deals From November 1 to March 31!

1. Presents of the Mascot Characters!

2. New Rice (Akita Komachi Brand) – November 1st through December 22.

3. Hot Springs Tours

4. Amazake (Sweet, Low-Alcoholic Sake Drink) – January 15 through February 28.
5. Better Deals on Snow Trekking Tours — From December 23.

6. Yukinko (“Snow Child”) Costume Photos – Hakosori (Box Sled), Donbuku (Jacket), Snow Shoe, etc.

7. Additional Deals on Your Lift Ticket:

i. Free Soft Drink

ii. Discounts on Rental (Suits are not included)

iii. Discounts on Kamakura de Lunch (Lunch in Igloo) – Mid January throughEarly March

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