Oct 6, 2011

Tazawako Kogen Hot Spring Area's Mascot Characters Selected!

Over the summer, Tazawako Kogen Hot Spring Area held a contest of mascot characters themed in the tourism attractions of the area. After the thorough screening and voting, the trio characters were finally selected out of 132 contestants. On September 30th, the characters were finally revealed to the public at an announcement party.

Tazawako Kogen Onsenkyo Mascot Characters Announcement Party

The winner is Omotenashi Sankyodai (おもてなし三兄弟), “the 3 Hospitable Siblings.”

They are trio of fairies, each themed in different features of Tazawako Plateau: Lake Tazawa, Hot Springs, and Mt. Akita Komagatake.
Nukuindaa, Fukaindaa, and Iyasundaa

Nukuindaa, (“it warms you up”), was born in the flow of hot spring water coming from Nyuto Onsen to Tazawako Plateau. He is the youngest, boy fairy. In his tiny body, he secretly has a strongest will and burning energy. With his adorable and heartwarming character, he eases the pain of your body and soul.

Fukaindaa, (implying “it is deep”), is a fairy born in the deepest lake of Japan, Lake Tazawa. He might be a bit of sensitive and mood but has a deep compassion and considerate personality. He is the oldest of three and takes a good care of the younger ones. The depth of his heart is limitless, and he is hospitable for both the visitors and the residents in the area.

Iyasundaa, (“it heals”), was born in Mt. Akita Komagatake, which proudly represents from Mountains in Akita Prefecture as Mountain of Flowers. She is a tranquil girl who loves the flowers. She exudes a sweet aura and embraces everything and heals the heart of people.

Now the character contest moves on to a theme song! The Union is accepting ideas for a bright tune to light up the tourism in Tazawako Plateau. Please send your ideas in! We are looking forward to it :D

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