Sep 5, 2011


Are you in Taiwan? Want to see Tohoku’s rich festival culture and taste delicious food?

Come to this exciting event in Puli, Taiwan on September 10 and 11!

This festival in Puli Town, Nantou County, Taiwan, will be held on September 10 and 11, 2011, each at different locations. From Japan side, traditional performing groups like Akita City’s Kanto, Oga Peninsula’s Namahage, and Teodori (Hand-dance) dancers from Tazawako will be giving you a glimpse of our rich festival tradition! Also, Yamagata Prefecture will be joining us with beautiful traditional dancers. Of course, the Taiwanese exhibitors will entertain us all with beautiful performances!

Try some delicious foods there as well. We will bring some from Akita Prefecture like Yokote Yakisoba, Jindai Curry. This trend of B-1 Gourmet is still much talked-about and you cannot miss this opportunity! The Taiwanese side will satisfy us with their proud food as well.

This great opportunity has been made possible by the long friendship between people in Puli Town and Semboku City. This is such an amazing and supportive opportunity the Taiwanese organizers are offering to us. At this moment, the flights schedule to Tohoku have been taken down; however, for the genuine and caring support, the Taiwanese organizers have arranged a charter flight to Akita Airport. This Akita-Taipei flight is the very first one after the earthquake!

Let us all meet at this event and have our friendship even stronger! Come join us!

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