Aug 25, 2011

Visit Dakigaeri Gorge in Summer

Dakigaeri Gorge (“Dakigaeri Keikoku” 抱返り渓谷) is a popular walking destination in Semboku City. It is located in between Tazawako and Kakunodate Area. The gorge is known for its beautiful emerald river of both sides are cliffs covered in green in summer and orange in late autumn.

The trekking route is well-paved and easily walked with your flat shoes. Out and back to the Mikaeri-no-taki waterfall is only about 30 minutes, but many people prefer to stay longer enjoying the water in the river.

Seiganji (誓願寺)

Many people ask us why the water in Dakigaeri is such bright emerald. Although the reasons are not scientifically proven, it is said that the color is due to the shallow water level and the water is rich in mineral filtered through the cliffs of volcanic rocks called Green Tuff.

The waterfall is called Mikaeri-no-Taki, which directly translates to “waterfall of turning-around.” – Surely, the beauty of waterfall has made the visitors turn around many times!

Today, because of the land erosion, you are not allowed to walk further than the waterfall. In the best season, you can feel the cozy splashes over your face. The waterfall is very accessible and refreshes you on a hot summer day.

Kami-no-iwa-hashi is the red bridge over the beautiful river.

You can access to the river water near the area near the red Kami-no-Iwa-Hashi (神の岩橋; Bridge of Rock of God). Why don’t you pack your lunch and enjoy the refreshing water in Dakigaeri?

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