Aug 24, 2011

Pension Magobei and Agri-Asano Farm at Organic Festa in Akita 2011

Organic Festa in Akita 2011 was held on August 20 at Serion Plaza in Tsuchizaki-minato Port, Akita City. Two of Tazawako’s organic farmers were among the participants, and they offered the visitors opportunities to try some of the most delicious and safe products!

Organic Festa in Akita 2011 @ Selion Tower in Akita City

Last year was the first time, which welcomed thousands of visitors and ended as a huge success. At this event, each farmer or shop owner holds a booth and sells fresh organic vegetables and products of such ingredients. The event aims to connect both sides - the farmers and the consumers – who consciously promote the organic and safe food production in Akita Prefecture.

About 40 booths offered various kinds of vegetables and products (e.g. juice, sweets) which were cultivated using organic farming method or with reduced chemical fertilizers. The visitors were encouraged to try such foods at each booth.

Mr. Taguchi of Pension Magobei (孫兵衛)
Magobei produces many different products with their delicious vegetables.

At Magobei's booth, Mr. Taguchi offered his proud Sicilian Rouge Tomatoes, bell peppers, along with home-made preservatives of tomatoes, black currants (cassis), and strawberries. They were all produced with significantly reduced amount of fertilizers. That is why all the vegetables are naturally so full of flavor! Look how red the tomatoes are! Mr. Taguchi explained, “these tomatoes are at its best since they are harvested fully ripe on the tree.”

Magobei's Sicilian Rouge Tomatoes

At a booth of Agri-Asano Farm (アグリアサノファーム), the couple offered many different kinds of vegetables like sweet corns, edamame soy-beans, potatoes, cucumbers, belle peppers, etc. They grow their vegetables with loving care, in the mineral-rich soil near the Obonai river. To every visitor, the couple kindly explained what is the best way to enjoy their beloved vegetables!

Agri-Asano Farm
Near the entrance, there was a fundraising booth for the earthquake victims. The products were donated by the participants and whose profit was fully donated to the ones in need. Many people stop by to pitch in and share some good thoughts!

Vegetables were donated and the original event T-shirts are also on sale for fundraising.

Organic Festa in Akita 2011 has been such an inspiring event! We are sure that this is only the beginning of new movement to raise the awareness of food safety. Farmers like Magobei and Agri-Asano Farm in Tazawako Area are one of the leaders in Akita Prefecture! Come to Tazawako and enjoy their delicious vegetables!

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