Aug 30, 2010

Magobei at Organic Festa in Akita 2010

Pension Magobei is a farmer’s inn which is highly inspired to promote the organic farming and has become a pioneer to host the international volunteers through WWOOF Japan.

Pension Magobei near Lake Tazawa (Photo Courtesy of Magobei)

On August 21st, 2010— Magobei had participated in an event to promote organic farming in Akita Prefecture, called Organic Festa in Akita 2010.

Flyer of Organic Festa in Akita 2010 held on the August 21st.

The venue was Akita Port Tower Serion.

The port, a scene of IRIS was shot here..

Many participants in various backgounds were there. (Farm Garden Tasogare from Katagami City)

This event was held to promote the sustainable living through raising the awareness of safe food production, particularly by emphasizing organic farming. Although each participating business had brought a booth to sell their fresh produces and products, the main goal of this event was rather focused on strengthening the networks within and among the organic farmers and consumers in Akita Prefecture.

Magobei’s booth offered some produces such as pumpkins and garlic cloves, as well as some preserved foods like jams and canned beans— all of which are organically cultivated according to the strict criteria!

Magobei's Owner, Mr. Taguchi, with his WWOOFers at the booth.

Jams of strawberries, black currant, and blue berry, and a can of black edamame beans! (quite delicious)

"Black Edamame" No serious, we loved this!

Significantly reduced or NO agricultural chemicals used in the production.

The participants and organizers at the end of day.

The event brought more than 3,000 people to the site-- turned out to be a great success!!

On this day, the Magobei had brought a WWOOFer from Tokyo: World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is a networking organization that facilitates the connections between organic farmers and volunteers. The following is an insert from the WWOOF Japan’s official website:

"Hosts give WWOOFers accommodation and all meals in return for the WWOOFer assisting the Host. Hosts also give WWOOFers various knowledge and skills as result living and helping them, Japanese culture & Japanese language, introduction to the beauty of the local area, and other resources most of which are outlined in the Hosts' Preview. There is no payment of money between Host and WWOOFer."
Pension Magobei had head-started as a part of this network as early as October 2007. They had hosted many international and domestic volunteers and have been contributing to the promotion of Slow Food Movement in Japan.

Magobei’s signifying product is a type of wild rice called kodai-mai (古代米), which has been re-gaining its popularity in recent years. You can purchase Magobei’s Kodaimai and other fresh vegetables at shops in Tazawako like Tazawako Ichi!

Tazawako Ichi is located in front of JR Tazawako Station.

Inside of Tazawako Ichi.

Needless to say, the involvement with WWOOF Japan is just an example of Magobei’s business efforts. Remember—they are a farmer’s inn, first! They do accommodate non-WWOOFers as well for an affordable price over 8,000 yen per adult (prices may vary on seasons.)

Besides the farming and accommodation, the Taguchi family (the owners) are known for the professional level skiing! Farming season may end when the snow falls, but the Magobei will entertain you with their enthusiasm in winter sports. All year around, the Magobei experience would leave you with unforgettable memories!

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