Aug 29, 2011

Kakunodate Yama Festival Coming Up on Sep. 7 - 9

The biggest traditional festival in Semboku City is coming up next week! Every year, Kakunodate Town’s fall festival, Yama-buttsuke (やまぶっつけ), is held on September 7th – 9th. The festival originally combined two annual religious ceremonies at Shinmeisha Shrine and Yakushido Temple, and it has been celebrated for more than 350 years!

Young people representing each neighborhood community pull a Dashi float around town. When the float faces with another community group in the middle of a street, they crash to negotiate over the right of the way. The traditional music and dances intensify the energy during the fierce crash, which would last for hours as if it could go on all night long!

The festival’s customary schedule is as follows:

September 7 :
The Yama (floats) visit Shinmeisha Shrine from 16:00

September 8 :
Floats visit the Satake-kita Residence for a performance from 10 a.m.

September 8- 9 :
(Crashes according to the fixed schedule and also when the floats meet on a street.)

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