Aug 16, 2011

The Tozawa-shi Matsuri (Samurai Clan Festival) in Nishiki Area on August 17

Tomorrow, August 17, there will be a community festival in Nishiki area, which is to commemorate the Tozawa Clan that ruled the Kitaura region. The event features a parade of 200 people in Lord and warriors costume, which will go through the ruins of Kadoya Castle. During the day, there will be fishing games and Neiga performance show. At night, there will be bon-odori dance and fireworks!


13:30 -  Parade departs from Mayamadera Temple

14:00 – Event site opens

14:30 – Fishing game starts

15:30 – Parade arrives at the event site.

15:50 – Shinto ceremony

16:00 Neiga Performance Show

16:40 – Traditional Performing Arts
(Tazawa Sasara , Japanese instrumental band, the Ando brothers.)

17:40 – Play “The Dipper and Yasha 2011”

18:05 – Bon-odori Dance

19:00 – Toro-nagashi (Flowing Lanterns)

19:30 - Fireworks ]


Hinokinai Kasen Koen Park (in Nishiki Area, Semboku City)

より大きな地図で Tazawako Map を表示


Semboku City (TEL 0187-43-3352)

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