Mar 8, 2011

Meet the Local Superhero: Chojin-Neiga Show in Tazawako

Chojin-neiga is very popular superhero in Akita Prefecture. The group was established by a local gym manager and a former professional wrestler and have been gaining popularity from children to adults, with their meticulously localized contents in the language, plot, and stage props.

The dialogue is heavily in Akita dialect, which also employs concepts based on Akita’s local culture. Chojin-neiga refers the protagonist characters and dajagu-kumiai ("Evil Union") is the antagonists. Chojin means “super-god” and Neiga derives from a famous line uttered by Namahage (an ogre that appears in a traditional festival in the Oga peninsula), “naguko-wa-inega” (is there anyone crying?)

The costumes also represent Akita's specialties: Kiritan-sword (of Kiritanpo), Buriko-gun (that shoots sandfish roe), and Kamakura-knuckle (a igloo-shaped glove)

Chojin-neiga  (超神ネイガー)Show

The Chojin-neiga has appeared in TV/radio shows and comic books. It also has been introduced on a nationwide variety show as a prefectural stereotype: Chojin-neiga is Akita people’s common obsession and “their TV show drive people out of the streets.”

The show is humorous and also has a moral teaching! That is why it is popular for both adults and children!


lina said...

Sure looks like the heroes have plenty of fans. :)

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

yes, even the adults love them :)