Jul 28, 2011

A Quick Stop at Morinoeki on Route 46

Morinoeki (森の駅; "Forest Station") is located in between Kakunodate and Tazawako Area on Route 46.

Bussankan (Products Shop)

In the Bussankan (Products Shop), they offer local specialty, souvenirs, and a cafeteria.  The Seisankan (Industrials Shop) offers you with wooden furniture and crafts. The Fureaihiroba (Recreational Plaza) is a place in which you can meet their horse, pony, and rabbits.

If you are driving, it is a good place to stop by for a quick bite!  They have delicious ice cream cone ("Soft Cream") as well as shaved ice with flavors like strawberry and melon.

Shaved Ice with Strawberry Syrup (350Yen)

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