Jul 27, 2011

Design Contest : Submit Your Idea of Mascot Character Trio for Tazawako Kogen Plateau!

Tazawako Kogen Plateau (田沢湖高原)is on the hillside of Akita Komagatake (秋田駒ケ岳)from which you can enjoy the splendid view of Lake Tazawa while relaxing in hot springs. There are many hotels and small inns in the area, 5 of which belong to a hotel union in the area: Tazawa Kogen Hotel, Tazawa Plateau Hotel, Komagatake Kanko Hotel, Highland Hotel Sanso, and Plaza Hotel Sanrokusou.

The Tazawako Kogen Hotel Union is now having a mascot character design contest! The character selected will be employed in PR materials like posters, pamphlets, business cards, and envelops. Possibly, a character costume and stuffed dolls will be created. The purpose is to energize the community which has been going through the secondary economic damage of the Great East Japan Earthquakes!

The Design Concept:

Submit your idea of a trio of characters which symbolizes energy of community that reflects topicality, popularity, and sustainability. - e.g. 3 animals, 3 insects, 3 heroes, etc. Your theme should have a unified idea, and names for individuals, and a catchy-phrase for the trio.

Come up with a unique, cutting-edge design that reflects elements of climate, culture, history, and environment of Tazawako Kogen Onsen-kyo Area. Any genre of characters can be submitted.


One work will be selected as a first-prize winner, who will be notified in mid September and awarded with 200,000Yen. Two others will be selected for special awards and given 50,000 Yen. (If the winner is a minor, it will be given to his or her parent.)

To Submit (Deadline and Format):

Your submitted idea will be entirely assessed by the board members. No work will be selected for an individual category. The works are accepted until August 31th, 2011.

Please submit your work in the provided document form (2 Sheets in Japanese A4-sized papers is required. You may have additional one page.) You can submit one work per one application form, but you may submit more than one work.

Download Application File >> WORD EXCEL

Required Information:

1. The Applicant’s personal information (fill out in the form)

2. Introduction of your characters (character names and a catch-phrase or concept)

3. Number each character and name accordingly.

Arbitrary Information:

4. If possible, please juxtapose three characters in one page and add elaborated description on each character’s role and characteristics. Please illustrate entirely in color from different angles with description of the texture and shape. There is no specific format: from the front, side, or 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional pictures. (Attach it as the third page.)

Submit via Air-mail:

Please fit the illustrations within the A4-sized application paper. You can print out and glue it on carbon paper, kent paper, or Xerox paper, etc. Any drawing agent can be used, unless the ink is not smeared or faded.

Please send it to the following address:

問合せ先事務局 担当者 土屋
Mr. Tsuchiya, Genki-kaifuku-suishin-jigyo Kyarakuta-boshu Gakari
Tazawako Kogen Ryokan Kumiai
Tazawa Kogen Hotel
2 Aza-Komagatake, Obonai,
Tazawako, Semboku City,
Akita Prefecture, 014-1201, Japan.

To Submit by E-mail:

Please include the required information and attach your work in a file of Excel, Word, or PDF format. One email should only have one attachment file. If you are submitting more than one work, please submit it in separate e-mail. At the assesement, the works will be printed out on our available paper. If you prefer to be assessed on specific quality of color and paper, we recommend you to submit it by postal mail.

Required Information:

Please include the following information:

Your address, name, age, occupation, telephone number, e-mail address (Unnecessary if sent by mail)

If you prefer anonymity, please provide us with your pen-name – the works may be published in a book in the future which may state your location (country/prefecture), age, and name.

Other Notes:

Your work must be unpublished and original work of your own. The submitted work will not be returned to you, so please keep a copy for yourself. The works must not violate the copyright of the third party, nor offense the public order and morale. After the assessment, the right of the awarded work will belong to the Tazawako Kogen Plateau Hotel Union and be used freely in the tourism promotion campaigns. Some adjustment may occur on the content of selected work. There might not be any work selected after the assessment. Your personal information will not be made public nor used for a purpose other than this contest.


Inquiry is only accepted via e-mails (tazawakokougen@akjob.jp).
Note in the title as キャラクター募集 (Kyarakuta Boshu).

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