Aug 1, 2011

Fruit Parfait and Shaved Ice at A Fruit Shop, Sakaiya!

Did you know Kakunodate Town is known as one of the hottest and coldest place in Akita Prefecture? It has recorded the highest and loweset temperature in Akita!

The town is a perfect place to visit for a day trip when you are staying at hotels in Tazawako Area. It is only 30 minutes away - both by train and drive - and there are many sightseeing spots, restaurants, souvenir shops, etc.


If you are going there on a hot summer day, here is one place you must not miss!

Sakaiya (さかい屋)is a small fruit shop known for many unique cold deserts! Their signature item is fruit parfait and shaved icecream! Mmmm, Yum!

Sakaiya presents innovative ideas combining foreign deserts and Japanese ingredients. Their signature parfait ise served with a taiyaki, a traditional pan-cake filled with sweet anko bean paste!

So many things to try!

MOMODARAKE "All Over Peach" (450 YEN)


Sakaiya presents innovative ideas combining foreign deserts and Japanese ingredients. like Halo-halo, Philipino deserts with shaved ice and lots of fruits!

You can hardly believe that there is no air-conditioner inside! You will walk out with a big "cool" smile on your face :D Enjoy!

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