Jun 7, 2011

Kinman: Most Famous Swets from Akita City!

What is the most famous confection from Akita Prefecture?

If you ask this question to any Akita local, she would probably answer “Kinman”! And she might go on, like “28-ko Tabemashita! (I ate 28 of them)” or even sing a song for you in Spanish!

Here is why: Kinman (金萬) is probably known for its uniquely humorous TV commercial!

Most likely, everyone  in Akita can  immediately recognize it as “Kinman’s Commercial” and sing along!

We can never fail to mention Kinman’s taste! It is almost like Imagawayaki, a more common Japanese pan-baked pastry with some sweet fillings such as Anko, sweetened paste of Azuki beans or white kidney beans.

But, Kinman is smaller in size and has more elegance! The filling instead is white Anko paste made of white kidney beans with a mild hint of egg. The delicate sponge is rich in honey and egg. To finish, the cake is marked with a brand name, Kinman(金萬). The pastry is prepared with such care and goes perfectly well with any kind of tea and coffee! It is enjoyed at home and given as a souvenir from Akita City!

You can find Kinman at following locations:
JR Akita Station TOPICO
JR Akita Station FONTE AKITA
Akita Airport

 Kinman Ltd.
株式会社 金萬 
TEL 018-832-6789

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