Jun 6, 2011

Video Screenings of Kagura (Shinto Theatrical Dance) and Think About the Spirit of Tohoku!

Kagura (神楽)is a type of theatrical dance dedicated to Shinto gods. A small video screening event will be held in Kakunodate Town and Akita City, in which an Anthropologist of Art from a prestigious Art University in Tokyo will be presenting videos of Kagura collected in more than 50 places of Japan.

This year at this event, Mr. Mikami will be sharing stories on the endangered performing arts tradition in Sanriku area, Iwate Prefecture, as well as some suggestive insights into Tohoku’s recovery addressing how to make the best use of the Spirits of Tohoku (Tohoku-no-Tamashii) as is seen in the fundamental cultures of folklore and performing arts tradition in the Tohoku region.

The Presenter, Mr. Mikami

A scene from last year...

The facilitator hopes that this opportunity will bring people together to think about the community development and reconstruction of Tohoku!

Although both events will be held in Japanse, if you are interested in traditional performing arts in Japan, it might be a great opportunity to discover new inspirations!

Kakunodate Town Event
At 19:00 on June 18th, 2011.
At the Fujieda Residence (藤枝邸 別邸)
Cover: 1,500 yen (Including 1 drink)

Akita City Event
At 19:00 on June 19th, 2011.
At Akiko Umae Chaya (あきこうまえ茶屋)
TEL 018-864-9100

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