Jun 7, 2011

Another National Award Goes to "Hot & Cool," Beer Enjoyed Even Served "Hot"!

Toast Ltd., of Restaurant Orae and a craft beer brewery at Lake Tazawa, has received another national award! Kohan-no-mori Beer Hot & Cool (湖畔の杜ビール Hot&Cool)is the name of new bottle, which has just been awarded the Special Excellency Award at the National Alcohol Competition Spring 2011 for the unique feature to be enjoyed “Hot and Cold”.

Kohan-no-Mori Beer Hot & Cool

The award is recognized as one given to a product that is even more highly-rated than any other first-place winners in all the categories. The Board of Committee has commented, “Being able to be enjoyed hot is a unique idea. The quality is second to none as well.”

Hot & Cool is designed to be sold only in winter. When it is warmed up, carbononation is weakened and sweetness is highlighted. Back in 2009, at the same competition, the company has won the Reviewer’s Special Award. Ms. Kumiko Sekiguchi, the managing director of Toast Ltd., commented that “it is such an honor to be awarded again. We would like to continue developing such craft beers that no other major companies couldn’t make.” 

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