Apr 13, 2011

Local Trains for Best Hanami Destinations in Northern Tohoku!

Akita Nairiku Jukan Railway (秋田内陸縦貫鉄道) operates a longitudinal railway line that connects from Takanosu in the northern Akita and Kakunodate to the south. The railway company had minimized its business operation due to the earthquake, but it is finally going to be back on the regular schedule later this month.

Nairiku-sen in Spring

Late April to early May is the flowery season in the northern Tohoku region. Kakunodate Town in Semboku City is, needless to say, one of the best cherry blossoms viewing areas of Japan, which is enjoyed around the same time as another famous hanami destination in Aomori Prefecture – Hirosaki Castle Park. The train will be connected between those two destinations - with extended line in corporation with Japan Railway- and make it more accessible for the hanami tourists.

"Nairiku-sen" goes through Nishiki Area, which is where the beautiful Katakuri flowers are seen. The schedule during this period has been adjusted, so that the train will stop at the nearby station, Yatsu, offering you a chance to enjoy a pleasurable walk.

(急行もりよし号; Express Moriyoshi Train) 

Will resume its regular operation from April 23; except until April 30, the train will make a stop at Yatsu Station and leaves at the following time:


Kyuko-moriyoshi 1-go (from Ani-ai Station to Kakunodate Station) at 10:29

Kyuko-moriyoshi 3-go (from Takanosu Station to Kakunodate Station) at 15:56


Kyuko-boriyoshi 2-go (From Kakunodate Station to Takanosu Station) at 11:26

◎「急行もりよし号」 4 月23日から運転再開

下記の時刻で八津駅に臨時停車いたします。(4 月23 日から4 月30 日臨時停車)

下り 急行もりよし1 号 阿仁合発角館行 八津駅 10:29発

急行もりよし3 号 鷹巣発角館行 八津駅 15:56発

上り 急行もりよし2 号 角館発鷹巣行 八津駅 11:26発

(弘前お城とさくら号;”A Train for Castle and Cherry Blossoms in Hirosaki”)

The number of trains is increased on April 22, 23, 28, and till May 4th.

Departing from Kakunodate Station at 14:20 – Saimyoji 14:28 – Yatsu 14:33 – Matsuba 14:42 – Kami-hinokinai 14:52 – Ani-matagi 15:08 – Hitachinai 15:19 – Aniai 15:45 – Ani-maeda 15:57 – Yonaizawa 16:11 – Aikawa 16:20 – Takanosu 17:11 – Arrives at Hirosaki 18:18

◎「弘前お城とさくら号」 4 月22日、23 日、28日から5 月4日まで増発




(角館武家屋敷とさくら号;”A train for Samurai Houses and Cherry Blossoms in Kakundoate”)

The number of trains is increased on April 23, 23, 29 and till May 5th.

Departing from Hirosaki Station at 8:00 – Takanosu 9:32 – Aikawa 9:45 – Yonaizawa 9:51 – Ani-maeda 10:06 – Aniai 10:29 – Hitachinai 10:46 – Ani-matagi 10:53 – Kami-hinokinai 11:08 – Matsuba 11:16 – Yatsu 11:25 – Saimyoji 11:30 – Arrives at Kakunodate at 11:37.

(On JR lines, the train will stop at Odate, Ikarigaseki, and Owani Stations.)

◎「角館武家屋敷とさくら号」 4 月23日、24日、29日から5 月5日まで増発




※ どちらもJR 線内は大館・碇ヶ関・大鰐温泉に停車

For More Information:
Akita Nairiku Jukan Tetsudo Railway Company
TEL 0186-82-3231


lina said...

This is great info for tourists wanting to view the cherry blossoms and travel throughout the area. I wish I knew about this last year. ^

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Yes, it's a train special only in these sakura weeks. Nairiku-sen has been trying to come up with fun trains like these; we will try to inform you as early and updated as possible.