Apr 8, 2011

Dogtooth Violet Colony in Nishiki Area (2011 Update)

Katakuri (Dogtooth Violet) is a species of lily, which can be seen in colonies over a large area amongst a chestnut grove in Nishiki Area. What makes them so unique is the area as large as 20 hectare (49 acre), one of the largest colonies of Japan!

Nishiki town is largely –as much as 90%-- covered by mountains and forests, whose main industries are forestry, agriculture, and eco-tourism.

Katakuri, Dogtooth Violet (Photo/ JR Tazawako Station)

Largest Katakuri colony of Japan located in Nishiki Town (Photo/Semboku City)

Along with cherry blossoms and mizubasho, Katakuri colony in Nishiki area is a popular flower viewing spot in Semboku City. The area is a private chestnut orchard but it will be open to the public during the flower festival. There are some paved walkways that takes you around the park. Have your walking shoes ready!  (Related Posts from 2010) 

Katakuri is expected to bloom from April 15th to May 3rd, 2011. Take Nairiku Jukan Railway and off at Yatsu Station (八津駅). The entrance to the Katakuri area is within walking distance!

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