Mar 24, 2011

Semboku City Delivers Relief Supplies and Continues Support!

Semboku City has been asking people to donate relief supplies for earthquake and tsunami victims. Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture, is one of the cities severely damaged by the tsunami on March 11th. Semboku City has been involved with Miyako City on the Akita Iwate Transverse Prefectural Coalition.
In Semboku City, donation to the disaster relief has started on March 13th. The first delivery of stocked relief supplies was made  to Miyako City on16th, as well as to Takahagi City in Ibaraki Pref. on 19th, and Yamada town and Otsuki town on 20th.
The donation will be accepted until March 25th at community centers in Semboku City. We appreciate your support.
Semboku City delivered the first load of relief supplies to Miyako City, Iwate Pref. (Photo/Semboku City)

Also, Semboku City along with Tazawako Tourism Association have been sheltering evacuees from the disaster stricken areas and the Fukushima refugees, providing a place with 3 meals on free of charge.  (Details Link)

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