Mar 8, 2011

Butt-Sliding Contest 2011 at Tazawako Snow Festival

Tazawako Kogen Snow Festival was held on February 18th- 20th, 2011. The newest highlight of the event is Kecchi-zori Taikai (“Butt-sliding Contest”), in which participants use plastic bags of fertilizers to slide down the courses. This event has just initiated last year for a trial and has come back on the event line-up after reputation of so much entertainment!

The contest had two categories: downhill and slalom. Special courses are designed for this contest on the steepest slope at Tazawako Ski Area. In the form of downhill (Day 1), racers do not make any turns and try to maintain the highest speed as sliding down the hill.

Downhill on Day 1

On the other hand, the slalom (Day 2) requires turns in between poles. This one is more about the technique to shift your balance, so you wouldn’t stop in the middle of the course.

Slalom on Day 2 : Groups of Taiwanese TV company GTV joined us!

The rules are 1) to use the provided fertilizer bag under your bottom; 2) no waxing agent allowed ; and 3) have only a single “run”.

The contest has been named “international,” hoping that would invite participants from other countries and make it an opportunity for all the people to meet. This year, on our second try, we welcomed participants from Germany and Taiwan! Arigato, Dankeschön, and 謝謝 (xie xie) to you all!

Although it was only the second year, the good reputation of the contest has been catching attentions from international media! Taiwanese TV crew joined us for  a documentary travel program on broadcasting company (GTV) !

The kecchizori racers ( "zorist" ) came from far: Iwate, Tokyo, Kobe, and Okinawa!

Outstanding zorist individuals and groups were awarded with Y160, 000-worth rice coupons, hotel tickets, restaurant meal tickets, boxes of candies, and many other prizes. With all generous corporations from the local business, everyone was given at least one prize!

The ceremony was full of laughter and cheers! What makes this contest most unique is the welcoming atmosphere! All the people are there to have fun. Who would participate in a butt-sliding contest, if he or she didn’t know how to have fun!?


lina said...

This always looks like a fun activity! :)

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Yes, you should all join us! We had a blast!