Oct 8, 2010

Finding Organic and Certified Produces

Tazawako Ichi (田沢湖市) is a market that offers you a variety of local souvenirs and snacks. It is also a convenient place across the station to find locally produced fresh vegetables. Are you a health-conscious traveler? Tazawako Ichi could be an interesting place for you!

Magobei’s Jabanero Peppers!

Pension Magobei is a farmer’s inn that was the first to be involved in World Wide Opportunities for Organic Farms. They have been highly conscious in the organic farming, which has been inspiring many foreign WWOOFers (volunteers who seek for an opportunities to gain knowledge in the field) from Japan and overseas.

Magobei is known for the less common produces like wild rice, which they are known for— jabanero peppers are obviously rare in Japan. But here! These deliciously pungent gems warm you up in the cold winter!


Noka-Kobo Odashima’s  Akita Komachi Rice !

Mr. Odashima's Certified Akita Komachi! NEW CROP!!(新米)

A proper quality labeling is required to be certified
as a Specially Cultivated Agricultural Products (特別栽培農産物).

Noka-kobo Odashima (農家工房小田島), is another farmer in Tazawako Area, who is highly motivated in certified farming. Mr. Eiki Odashima represents the farm, who is dubbed as “the old man who loves sake (酒好きおやじ). Akita Prefecture is surely known for its quality of rice. He is one of those proud rice producers of Akita, whose rice is classified as the #1 quality (一等米) and certified according to the guideline of specially cultivated agricultural products. New crop (新米) is available in a 200g package for only 300yen.

Custom Declarations for Rice?
No-- Now rice is among the NDR (No Declaration Required) items for the personal and household effect. Read the details in Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Website (Japanese).

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