Oct 10, 2010

Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree

“Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree” is a song originally sang in English but today it is among the most familiar children’s songs in Japan. Even grown-ups can sing and dance to it!

No wonder because chestnuts(; kuri)are the most common nuts in Japan—as is available in hundreds of dishes like chestnut rice, chestnut sweet rice cake, chestnut compote, chestnut curry, steamed and boiled—you name it!

Photo Courtesy of Semboku City

Saimyoji Area (西明寺) is particularly known for the cultivation of the largest chestnut species in Japan-- Saimyoji-guri (西明寺栗)averages about 4 cm that doubles in size compare to the other Japanese chestnuts!

Now the chestnut harvest being at its peak, farmers are welcoming the people to enjoy this fruitful season! Chestnut picking is not as common as fruit-picking experiences, so here is your chance!

Saimyoji-guri (left) is about the fist of a baby!

Pick your own under the saimyoji chestnut tree.

Watch out for your head..

Huge and heavy ones!

Kyu-no-suke Kuri-en

Kyu-no-suke Kuri-en (久之助栗園)
Entrance Fee: 200 yen (Adult) /100 yen (Under 12)
Take-Home: 800 yen/kg

Sasaki Kuri-en (佐々木栗園)
TEL:0187-47-3046 (Reservation Required.)
Entrance Fee: 200 yen
Take-Home: 800 yen/kg

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