May 11, 2010

A Walk to a Hide-Out at Frog Stone

Kaeru-Ishi (蛙石) is a rock that resembles a gigantic frog! We took a short walk down to the lakeshore across from Kenmin-No-Mori.

Follow the sign.

Find the road sign across the street of Kenmin-no-mori. The narrow trail is not paved with concrete. Most parts are covered by gravel and soft soil along the roped walking path. Springtime has come very slowly this year. But you can still see the footsteps of summer in the green leaves of the trees. Very refreshing!

Watch your step!

Although some lakeshore of Lake Tazawa is rather rocky because of the volcanic component, here you will be walking on the bed of dry leaves and fluffy soil. As you approach the water, you might have to walk on wet grounds depending on the previous weather condition - so make sure you are wearing a comfortable pair of shoes!

Soon this place will have a roof of young fresh leaves.

Wild Violas

Do not go off the road - just follow the ropes.

The water is calm.  

There you go..

Within 5 minutes, we found what we were looking for: the Frog Stone!

The wooden plate says ''Look from this angle"

Moss covered rocks!

Talismans.. Wonder what they wished.

Depth of Kappa

Whether or not the rock resembles a gigantic frog depends on your imagination.. On this day we saw coins by the visitors. The rock might not resemble a frog to you, but you would still enjoy the nice walk near the water.

It is only 100m walk for about 15 mins. If you are visiting Kenmin-No-Mori or having a bike ride around the lake, it could be a very nice place to take a break. It is a hidden spot and not commonly known even by local people, so you probably have the whole place for yourself. Enjoy!

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