May 11, 2010

Cherry Blossoms in Kenmin-No-Mori

Sakura in Kenmin-No-Mori have been in full bloom for a few days now. We are seeing many visitors taking pictures and having a memorable time!

Kenmin-No-Mori Parking Lot

Kenmin-No-Mori spreads on a hillside overlooking Lake Tazawa. This is a forest park with more than 200 species of plants from each prefecture. About 70 cherry blossom trees are found which bloom in slightly different climate condition. This is why you can enjoy a various hues of pink and white petals all in one place.

Rows of different types of cherry blossoms

They bloom in different climate condition. Some are done: some are on it's way..

Blossoms about to explode!

Although cherry blossoms are not going to last another week, many other types of trees and plants are seen here throughout the green season. Next few weeks are for Tsubaki (Japanese Camelia) and Buna (beech trees). Most Tsubakis are still in buds --- about to explode in any minute--- and beech trees are just spouting out with young fresh leaves!
The rows of beautiful trees are so enjoyable that you will forget the exhaustion walking up the stairs, Really!

Or, go off the stairs and walk up on the green grass!

Look, the lake is already so farther down!

Akita Sugi (Akita Cedars) are our symbolic prefectural tree!

Walking through the cedars!

Cedars planted by the Emperor

A few more steps..

All yours!

From the gazebo on top of the hill, you can have a magnificent view of the lake.

The field is surrounded with beech trees. The young leaves are so fresh!

Whispery young leaves

Walking in the forest is therapeautic!

So beautiful!!

Akita Komagatake (Mountains) in the back.

Across the street from Kenmin-No-Mori parking lot, there is a sign to lead you to water on the lake. The short trail is about 5 minutes leading you to a beautiful hide-out spot, Kappa-No-Fuchi (The Depth of Kappa), where you can find a rock that resembles a gigantic frog (Kaeru-Ishi).  A 4km hiking trail leads you to the nearby camp site called Ishikurasawa located to another part of water on the lake.

Ishikurasawa Camp Site

Where the trails to Ishikurasawa ends..

The easiest way to access Kenmin-No-Mori is to take a bus ("Isshu-Sen" Bus line) and get off at ''Kenmin-No-Mori'' bus stop. Simple enough?

Get off at "Kenmin-No-Mori" bus stop

If you have a whole day, here is what you could do! Take a bus to Shirahama Area ("Tazawakohan"), rent a bike, ride to Kenmin-No-Mori. You can have a picnic, read, and a nap there! Have a short walk to relax in Kappa-No-Fuchi! A day of All-You-Can-Have Forest! What do you think?

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