May 12, 2010

Cherry Blossoms in Takano Area

Takano is an area along Route 127 on the way up to the Nyuto and Mt. Komagatake Area. Not known by many people, but it is a popular cherry blossom viewpoint for many local people. Due to its elevation, the climate is cooler than other Semboku City areas so that the cherry blossoms in this area are enjoyed a few days to a week later. Now they are in full bloom! If you are driving or taking a bus to Nyuto area, make sure you have your eyes wide-open from the window!

Route 127 in Takano Area

More than 100 cherry blossoms are aligned over 1 km along Route 127.

The area used to be known for a ranch called Takano-Bokujo, where they raised horses and cows. Now this pasture is not used for a ranch, but you can find some remains of the old days.

A Statue of Horse stands next to a small red shrine.

You can get a better view when driving down. 

After cherry blossoms are gone, the mountains will accelerate to grow greener and greener: After summertime, you can see a large field of uncommon buckwheat species in magenta! This route 127 is unavoidable in accessing major Onsen areas in Semboku City, so hopefully you can get a glimpse of beautiful mountains in various hues!

Takane Ruby: Expected to bloom in late September to early October


lina said...

Lovely flowers.

The Takane Ruby field sure looks breathtaking. Pity the blossom is in late Sep. I'd love to be there. :)

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

We never know--- the climate is unexpected so we might end up having a hot summer which can make the buckwheat bloom earlier!