May 13, 2010

A Soba Near Waterfall: Komagatake Onsen

Soba Goro is a Soba specialized restaurant with locations at Komagatake Onsen and Tazawako Ichi in front of JR Tazawako Station. They serve Juwari Soba (100% Buckwheat Noodle), the finer variety consists entirely of buckwheat, while the more common variety, Ni-Hachi Soba  (2-8 Buckwheat Noodle) consists of buckwheat and 20% wheat. This means Juwari Soba contains higher nutrition such as amino acids, dietary fibers, and rutin. You think soba is healthy? Choose Juwari Soba--- even healthier!

Komagatake Onsen and Juwari Soba Soba Goro

The Entrance

Soba Goro’s Tazawako Ichi Location is popular among train travelers; however, this Komagatake Onsen location is situated as a part of this inn and mostly visited by overnight guests, day-trippers, and hikers who came for Onsen in Mizusawa Area. The building is secluded from other Mizusawa inns, deep in the forest next to a creek. The best treat for your eye is a beautiful waterfall called Yujo-No-Taki, Waterfall of Friendship.

But first, let us have some treat for our tummy! Our order this day was Kakiage Soba--- recommended by the receptionist. At this location, you first buy a ticket from the vending machine in front of the front desk, which you will show to the server upon entering the restaurant at the end of the hall.

Written in Japanese only, so you can ask for an assistance.

Take this ticket to a server

The interior is furnished with beautiful dark wooden pieces and decorated with antique goods, which give a certain ambiance--- similar to Tsurunoyu and other Soba Goro location. This place is so unique, though, because you see a river and hear the water and it feels like you are out in the nature!


Sit on the counter or a table? You choose.

Help yourself with hot tea or water.

Antique pieces displayed.

A view from our table

Dried persimmons. Hear the sound of river?

Kakiage Soba is a plate of cold soba served with pieces of kakiage tempura (shreded mixed vegetables deepfried). Soba aficionados say that a good soba must have such texture that is hard and chewy at the same time. Soba Goro’s Soba is at its perfection and cooked so fresh--- boiled no more than 20 seconds! As a result, it leaves the distinctive scent of buckwheat which you would enjoy in every moment. At the end of the meal, we were served a pot of flavorful soba-yu (water in which soba was boiled).

Morisoba with Kakiage


After our indulgence with soba, we proceeded to explore the waterfall, which is a minute away. The mist from the waterfall was so refreshing! We also found many young spring plants near the water. How comforting it was.. we just wanted to stay there forever!


To access Komagatake Onsen, you take a road into the forest following a sign. The road directly takes you to the waterfall and Komagatake Onsen, so it’s pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy a soak, soba, and relaxing moment near the waterfall :)


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