May 20, 2010

Sabo Culture Park

Sabo Culture Park on Route 127

Sabo Culture Park (サボーカルチャーパーク) is a multipurpose open area developed as a part of governmental project for sand erosion control, since this area is in a volcanic zone with a risk of sand erosion caused by the volcanic activities in the nearby mountains. The project was launched in 1990 and completed in 1995, and now it is a popular outdoor sports space for local people.

Harumomiji, Spring Foliage can be seen here!

Also, we can never fail to mention it as a popular cherry blossom viewpoint. The location, along Route 127 in between Lake Tazawa and Tazawako Ski Area, is an ideal stop-over point for long distance travelers. Cherry blossoms in Takano Area are already falling on this day, but how interesting that less than a minute drive uphill can delay the blooming more than a few days! Route 127 is the only way to get up to Nyuto area from Lake Tazawako. Its counterpart (?), Takano area doesn’t have any designated parking area, so you might as well stop by at this beautiful viewpoint and stretch your legs and perhaps have a sandwich or a rice ball!

Straight ahead in 2 km is Tazawako Ski Area.

In the back is our splendid Akita Komagatake!

Driving up..

Driving down..

The bus stop is “Kosendatsu-Dam-Koen-Mae”小先達ダム公園前)on Nyuto-Sen line, which would take you right in front!


lina said...

This is such an awesome view!
We passed by this stretch of road last year but it look totally different in September.
Maybe I should think about a return visit in Spring for 2011? XD

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

You should!! I wish we could predict the flower week exactly when it's happening every year--- I mean, they are so susceptible to the climate and so moody!