May 26, 2010

JR East's IRIS Location Tour

East Japan Railroad Company (JR East) has launched a package tour, in which you can tour to IRIS filming locations in Akita Prefecture.

The basic one-night tour will take you to Statue of Tatsuko, Hotel Ischia, Tamagawa Dam, Tsurunoyu Onsen, Tazawako Ski Area, an accommodation at a hotel, then a trip to Oga Peninsula on the following day. You can also choose to skip the second day and make it a day-trip.

The tour prices range from 30,000 – 50,000 yen, depending on the number of participants and your choice of hotel. It will be available from June 1st through September 30th. At this point, it is available only through a call or at View counter of JR East Station. Folake Tazawako Tourism Information Center also take reservations. Perhaps the most important note here: guide is available in Japanese only. But, if you are a Japanese learner or an IRIS drama fan, it would be an ideal learning experience for you.

One of the most noteworthy is Hotel Ischia. This is where you can enter a room where the deleted bedroom scenes were filmed. A guest -- both for restaurant and overnight --can enter the room for free; otherwise, the entrance fee of 500 yen will be charged. It is important to note that Ischia hosted the Korean filming staffs over 3 weeks, providing accommodations and meals. The room where Lee stayed is available on view exclusively for the overnight guests.

Ischia's IRIS combination lunch could be your choice of order here. This meal includes some items that the casts (especially Lee) had requested since he was on a strict diet.

Near the entrance to the filming set,  you will see an IRIS souvenir shop. There are many items that you can find it only at Ischia. Make sure to stop by!

Ischia has the largest number of IRIS merchandises -- the newest one is Kiss Candy. (Remember the scene where Hyun-jun gives a candy to Seung-hee by mouth?) Yes, you can buy a box here.

And of course, Tsurunoyu Onsen is a must-see!

The mixed bath where they end up doing Ashiyu, a  footbath.

The office where Hyun-jun and Seung-hee are greeted.

And yes!  Last but not the least, Tazawako's symbol that is now internationally recognized: Statue of Tatsuko and Mt. Komagatake will be visited as well.

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lina said...

If visitors buy the kiss candy, they HAVE to reenact the scene of them kissing in front of the store.