May 28, 2010

JTB's IRIS Tour is Out!

JTB's IRIS Tour is available now:

JTB Travel has just put IRIS related package tour on sale! You can browse the detailed prices and itinerary on their website above.

JTB’s IRIS package tour also features stops at IRIS filming locations including transportations and accommodations. As opposed to their counterpart JR East’s View product that is either day-trip or one-night at a hotel, this JTB version are stretched over 2 nights or 3 nights taking you to many other places. If you prefer an extended trip to enjoy the sightseeing spots of Akita, JTB could be more preferable for you. If you wish to visit IRIS filming locations exclusively for a short time, JR would be the one for you!

Detailed itinerary is omitted here, so please check their website for more detailed information. (But sorry, it’s only in Japanese at this point.) Some noteworthy differences from JR of each itinerary are listed belw.

Course A: 2 Nights (Tazawako-Yokote-Akita-Oga)*
Arriving at Tazawako Station and a tour to spots in Tazawako. Have a Lunch at ORAE and stay at Hotel Ischia. 2nd day is a trip to Yokote City and stay at Castle Hotel in Akita. 3rd day is a trip to Oga City and return to Tokyo from Morioka Station.

Course B: 2 Nights (Akita-Oga- Tazawako)
Arriving at Akita Station. A trip to Oga and an accommodation at Hotel Teisui. 2nd day is in Yokote and stay at Castle Hotel in Akita City. 3rd day is to Tazawako and return to Tokyo.

Course C: 3 Nights (Yokote-Tazawako-Nairiku Jukan Tetsudo-Oga-Akita City)*
 Arriving at Omagari Station; a trip to Yokote City and stay at Hotel Ischia in Tazawako. 2nd day is a train ride on Nairiku Jukan Tetsudo and stay at Hotel Teisui in Oga. 3rd day is sightseeing in Oga and Akita City and stay at Castle Hotel in Akita. The last day, a shopping at Akita Shimin Ichiba and return to Tokyo.

*Note: you will be allowed to see Byoung-hun Room (where Lee stayed) only if you are an overnight guest at Hotel Ischia.

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