Jun 1, 2010

25th Annual Tazawako Marathon: Date Announced!

The 25th Annual Tazawako Marathon’s Date is announced:
September 19th, 2010.

Tazawako Marathon is an annual event in which runners can enjoy running in the beautiful scenery. The race is designed for all levels. If you are an enthusiastic runner, you can choose to run full, in which you will run 42.195km in loop around Lake Tazawa and a trip to Tazawako town area. Shorter distances, 20km and 10km courses are also available.  If you are more like a fun-runner, try 3km!  Pair Marathon is popular among those who wish to run with a partner (a parent with a child or two is often seen) or even show off your unique costume and win a prize for cheering up the crowd!

Kin'niku Man Found.

Every year a few guests are invited to this event. Last year was Mr. Keizo Yamada-- the first Japanese Olympian after WWII in 1952 and the first Japanese winner of Boston Marathon in 1953. Mr. Yamada, a native of Akita,  is now in his eighties--- yet, he still has his spirits up after the retirement and being greatly celebrated as a pioneer runner. He will be the guest of this year as well as Yuri Ichihashi.

Entry Qualification: (Age/Max. # of Entries/Fee)
FULL Marthon--- 18 and up/ 1,500 / 3,700 yen
20km -- 16 and up/1,700/ 3,500 yen
10km – Middle School and up/1,300/3,000
PAIR Marathon – Elem. School and up/500 pairs/ 4,000 yen per a pair
 *No wheelchair/ No refunds

Application Deadline:  August 2nd, 2010.

To Apply:
 Pay and deposit at Post Office.
 Through website: http://runnet.jp/home.php
 After August 2nd, the application can be submitted only on September 18th at the site. (Additional charge of 1,000 yen)

To Register:
PRIOR REGISTRATION-- Saturday Sep. 18th, 2010. 14- 17 p.m.
ON-THE-DAY REGISTRATION-- Sunday Sep. 19th, 2010. 7-8:30 a.m.
*Registration is held at the event site, and you will be provided with required materials (e.g. IC tip; registration number)

Schedule of September 19th, 2010:
8:30 a.m. Opening Ceremony (At Marathon Event Site)
10:00 a.m. All the races begins.
10:50 a.m. Awarding Ceremony of “Pair” Marathon
11:30 a.m. Awarding Ceremony of 10km
12:00 a.m. Awarding Ceremony of 20km
14:00 a.m. Awarding Ceremony of “Full” Marathon

Awards are given to the followings:
- All the finishers of the race.
- Top 8 participants of male/female in each category.
- Participant(s) newly entered within top 3 among the past records in each category.
- Top 3 groups with highest points.
- A few participants who cheered up the events.
- An event staff who deserves to be awarded.

Prizes Include:
Tickets to Okinawa Naha Marathon, Honolulu Marathon, and other Marathon Race;
A Pair ticket to Tokyo Disney Land; others.


Keizo Yamada
Yuri Ichihashi

Date--- September 18th, 2010. 15 – 16:30 p.m.
Place--- Tazawako Kyoei Paresu Event Site
Lecturer- Yuri Ichikawa (Lecture and hands-on activity)

Date--- September 18th, 2010. 17p.m.-
Place--- ORAE http://www.orae.net/ (TEL: 0187-58-0608)

Other Remarks:
ACCESS-- Use of public transportation is recommended since the parking will be extremely limited. The nearest station is JR Tazawako Station. Take a bus (Isshu-sen or Nyuto Line) from there and get off at Tazawakohan bus stop.

SHUTTLE BUS-- There will be a free shuttle bus from Nyuto, Kogen, and JR Tazzawako Staion. In the way back, there is a shuttle bus departing from Koen-Iriguchi stop to JR Tazawako Station.

ACCOMMODATION-- Last-minute accommodation is not recommended; please reserve your hotel far in advance.

More Information:
HOTEL/TRANSPORTATION -- Folake (folake@tazawako.org)
EVENT DETAILS—Tazawako Marathon Jimukyoku (marason@city.semboku.akita.jp)


lina said...

How fun! Of course, if I join, I can only run for 3km. LOL

Are you running in the marathon too, Kozue?

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

We all will be staffing at the event. I will be probably around the event site, so if someone needs an assistance in English, I will be there!