May 19, 2010

Akita Komagatake With a Shape of... What?

Komagatake is a common name for a mountain in Japan. It means “Mountain of Horse”. The derivation of its name come from different beliefs. One of the most known beliefs is that the shape of remaining snow on the faca of mountain resembles a shape of horse.

Green Season in Semboku City is still a few weeks away, which will begin with an opening ceremony in June 1st.

Meanwhile, we can at least enjoy the impressions of snow on Akita Komagatake!

Some people insist that Sashimaki area - along route 46 in between Tazawako and Kakundoate - is the best spot from where you can see the shape on Akita Komagatake.  The impression changes and fades away as the snow melts.  On a clear day,  you try your luck to catch a glimpse of the beautiful impression.

What do you think this shape looks like...?


The white shape is supposed to look like a horse, according to the name of mountain.

But, to us.. it looks more ike a Dachshund (Dog)!!


lina said...

I have absolutely no imagination! LOL

What is the best season to view? Summer?

Tazawako Tourism Association said...

Well, in early summer (as is starting now) the mountain is looking like 春もみじ(Harumomiji), which is foliage in Spring. Later in the summer you can see all kinds of shades of green, then in the fall the leaves start to turn red and orange again---now even brighter and vivider--- then the winter paints it all white.

So it's really up to the person! In September, you will find it still in green!