Feb 23, 2012

Have You Seen These Eye-Catching Posters? - Another Akita Bijin Tourism Campaign by Akita City!

Have you seen this poster?

If you have, you would certainly remember it: this eye-catching poster has been much talked about since when it was first introduced last month.

This poster, titled “Akita Bijin Silent Message,” was created by Akita Convention and Visitors Bureau in an attempt to improve the public image of Akita City.

As the title suggests, Akita’s beautiful women (“Akita Bijin”) are the featured concept: Each of the seven shows a face voicing a letter, and when all are combined, it makes up a “message”.

In a quiz manner, the campaign invites you to submit the answer on a website. Among those who guess the right answer, 100 will be drawn and given “Akita” prizes that include free hotel tickets and presents!

Click to enter in the campaign.

The  posters have been put up at various places like JR stations in Tokyo metropolitan area and some hotels around Akita City. For the popularity, 3,500 entries were submitted within the first 2 weeks – even some people are inquiring as to whereabouts to obtain a copy!

The posters were created “in high hopes of encouraging more people to visit Akita City and try our cuisine and sake”, says the concept designer of the Akita Bureau.

To enter, you need to submit your answer by February 29th. Posters with a correct answer will be available from the following day, March 1.

Such tourism campaign by Akita City, as well as ours by Semboku City, featured Akita Bijin (秋田美人)as the main concept. Although it is only one of many beautiful attractions that we offer, this approach has been successful in catching people’s attention – Hasn’t it worked with you? Now, you really have to come visit us!

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