Feb 10, 2012

Tonight the Balloon Festival in Nishiki - Check the Train Schedule Or Watch Live on Ustream!

Kamifusen-Age Festival in Nishiki Town, Semboku City will take place today, February 10, 2012. The giant paper balloon hand-crafted by the local villagers will be released up to the sky!

Nairiku Jukan Testudo Railway Company has added extra trains for this special event! The nearest station is Kamihinokinai Station (上桧木内駅), within a few minutes walk from the event site. The railway line connects JR stations in Kakunodate and Takanosu. For those traveling from Akita City, Morioka City, and Tokyo direction, take off at JR Kakunodate Station and transfer to Nairiku Jukan Railway.

If, unfortunately, you couldn’t make it to the event site, you can take a glimpse of this year’s event at local evening news. You can also check out the following link on Ustream, a live video streaming website, from 15 -21 pm!

Nishiki Kamifusen-Age Festival
On Ustream
Live from 15-21PM, February 10, 2012.

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