Jan 5, 2012

The New Year's Surprise: Akita Pref. Revealed the New PR Campaign, Akita Vision!

On January 1, 2012, Akita Prefectural government has uncovered the new PR strategy! The campaign, whose slogan is 'Akita-Bijon,' aims to promote the prefecture’s overall public image and boost the awareness in our community.

‘Akita Bijon’ literally means “Akita Vision” - as in ‘bijon’ is an adopted word from English language, ‘vision’ and has a similar sound to “Akita Bijin,” which is often the first thing to be associated with Akita prefecture. The slogan will be used until the end of the designated campaign period, March 2014.

A New Year's Day special print on Akita Vision

In the morning of the new year's day, the local newspaper, Sakigake Shinpo, delivered a special print featured on the campaign. The poster design has three different versions, each themed in hot spring, agricultural villages, and sake. They will be displayed at 400 different locations around Akita Prefecture. Next year 7 different themes such as the traditional culture, forestry, and children, will be additionally featured in the designs!

The campaign has been promoted by the posters and TV commercials.  You can watch all of the 3 versions on the linked website .  Each commercial were filmed at different locations featuring local Akita residents who are farmers, sake brewers, the prefectural governer and a popular TV talent, Natsuki Kato.  "Anbeiina" means "in good shape" in Akita dialect.

Check out this one! It starts from the famous cloudy outdoor bath of Tsurunoyu Onsen!

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