Jan 19, 2012

Come to See the 300m-Wide Fireworks Show and Traditional Performance at Hotel Tazawa

The firework in winter seems nothing compared to one in summer. We believe that it is because the winter air is crisp and clear so that the fires look even brighter in the dark sky. Also, the contrast of warmth and the coldness in the snow is what makes it extra special!

Hotel Tazawa, located in Mizusawa Hot Spring area, is organizing this annual event called "Fuyu-no-Symphony" (Winter Symphony) in which they show a 300-meters-wide fireworks show on the former ski slope while entertaining the visitors with some stage performances and delicious food!

Fuyu-no-Symphony (Winter Symphony) 
Sunday, February 12, 2012.
At Hotel Tazawa in Mizusawa Hot Spring Area

The event starts at 16:30 with traditional performing arts show by local traditional practitioners and the popular group, the Ando Brothers, before the three-part fireworks show starts at 17:30.

The fireworks show is performed by a company which has previously been awarded by the Japanese Prime Minister’s award at the Omagari fireworks festival, the most renowned fireworks competition of Japan.

The admission is 1,200 yen for an adult and 600 yen for a child. You can buy the tickets in advance for 1,000 yen for and adult and 500 yen for a child.

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