Dec 14, 2011

New Items Tasted at Tazawako Ski Area's Pre-Season Menu Evaluation! Delicious!!!

Tazawako Ski Area is known for the panoramic view of Lake Tazawa, the excellent snow condition, and perhaps the restaurant with great quality food for low prices!

Yesterday, Tazawako Ski Area staffs including the ski instructors gathered at a tasting evaluation of the new items on the menu. Each year, the restaurant comes up with unique noodle soups and curry dishes and alike, and they are thoroughly checked by all the staffs and company president before finally becoming available in the restaurant when the season begins.

The staffs seriously enjoyed and reviewed the new itesms on the menu!

This is probably the reason why Tazawako Ski Area is rated as one of which has in-site restaurants under the price of 1000Yen! Even some non-skiers come to this place only for the great quality food.

Here are some delicious dishes that were tasted yesterday! Each of them were rated individually and advised for the further improvement.

What do you like having at a ski area? Many people prefer curry and rice! So here are some of the curry-rice plate as well as a rice bowl dish tried at this event.

Ainori Curry (Carpool Curry), Hamburg Curry, Yaki-Curry (Grilled Curry), and Sanzoku-buta-don (Bandit’s Pork Bowl)

The next is the noodle soup category - it could be everyone’s favorite! They are known for the variety of unique ramen noodles at Tazawako Ski Area. Also available are udon and soba soups.

Udon/Soba Noodles (Top from Left): Ebi-ten (Shrimp Tempura) Nabeyaki Udon, Buta-Nira-Tsumire (Pork-Leek Meatball) Udon, Kitsune (Fried Tofu) Udon, and Tonkatsu (Pork-Cutlet) Nabeyaki Udon.

Ramen Noodles: Tonkatsu-Tonkotsu (Pork-Cutlet and Pork bone Broth) Ramen, Curry Ramen, Yasai-Bijin Tantan-men (Vegetable Beauty Spicy Noodle Soup), and HOT Shoga (Ginger) Ramen.

Also, as a side dish, Komeko (Rice Flour) Pizza was reviewed here. The dough is chewy like mochi and had some mixed vegetables on the top. Pretty good!

All of the items are already satisfactory! Whether or not all the items will be available in the restaurant, but we sure hope they all will! Make sure you come and try them!

Tazawako Ski Area will be open on this weekend, December 16th! See the pamphlet here!

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