Dec 13, 2011

At the Heart of Akita's Green Tourism, Join the People for All-You-Can-Eat Rice Cake - Only 1000Yen!

Here is an event you can enjoy all different kinds of mochi, rice cakes, made of Aktita’s best quality rice! Nishiki’s rice farmers are gathering for this opportunity to offer their home-made rice cakes of their original recipes!

All-You-Can-Eat Mochi for Only 1000Yen

You will be surprised at the large variety of such simple dish! More than 30 different kinds of rice cakes will be served: sweet sticky rice pound and served with anko (azuki bean paste), goma (sesame), kinako (soy powder).or the mochi rice powder is mixed and steamed to create the traditional dish, keiran.

Also, this is a great chance for you to mingle with the local farmers, who have been actively involved in Green Tourism in Akita Prefecture. The Nishiki Green Tourism group is the pioneers of the movement in Akita, not to mention Japan.

Furthermore, this event is a buffet! Where else can you have all-you-can-eat mochi experience, other than here, Semboku City, in Akita?

What’s more, the price is only 1,000Yen. It will be held at Katakuri-kan in Nishiki town, Semboku City, on Sunday, January 29th, 2012. Please note that this buffet starts at 11:00 on “first-come, first-served” basis, and will be over when the mochi runs out – Be on time!

The event is organized by Nishiki Green Tourism Kenkyukai. No reservation is required; but, please contact Ms. Fujii only if your group exceeds more than 5 people. TEL/FAX: 0187-47-3103

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