Dec 26, 2011

The 100 Akita Bijin Received the Same Award as Lady Gaga!

The 100 Akita Beauties engaged in promoting the tourism to Semboku City have given Letter of appreciation by the Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency. The awarding ceremony was held on December 19 in Kakunodate town, Semboku City, Akita Prefecture.

Commissioner has sent a video for appreciation.

Letter of Appreciation

Although the commissioner himself was not able to attend the ceremony, he sent a video to praise their achievement. The ceremony was attended by 46 women representing 17 different companies. In place of Mr. Mizobata, Semboku City mayor, Mr. Kadowaki, handed the letters to the women.

The 120 participants were all from Akita Prefecture, age 20-60, and self-nominated or recommended by others. They handed out pamphlets and enthusiastically promoted their hometown in Tokyo back in October. Mr. Mizobata, Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency, has decided to send such letters for “their enthusiasm that greatly energized the Tohoku community.”

The 100 Akita’s Beautiful Women Campaign was much talked about by the news media and social networks, for the idea to employ people rather than the products or touristic sceneries was quite unique. After all, the people are the greatest assets to entertain and make known the attractive quality of a region!

Prior to the 100 Akita women, Lady Gaga has also been given such award! Our Akita women have received the same award as the world famous singer! Wow!

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