Aug 2, 2011

Tazawako Dragon Festival 2011 (Part 2: Ryujin Daiko Performance)

While Tatsuko and the hiking tour were en route after a ritual ceremony in In-nai area, we welcomed visitors at the event site in Shirahama Area with food tents and stage performances!

Starting from 12pm, seven amateur bands around Semboku City performed on stage, as followed by a Taiko drum group from the local Tazawako Area, Tazawako Ryujin Daiko (田沢湖龍神祭り).

The music stage and food tents at the event site.

Who Are Tazawako Ryujin Daiko?

Tazawako Ryujin Daiko (“Dragon drums”) is a group whose history dates back as old as Tazawako Dragon Festival. The group was formed by the mayor of Tazawako-machi had gathered some traditional Taiko drum players and formed the group, so that they can entertain the audience at Tazawako Dragon Festival.

Since then, with a few changes of members, the group have been performing at community celebrations such as JR’s shinkansen openings etc. Annually, they perform at local events around Akita prefecture, such as Tazawako Snow Festival in February, Tazawako Dragon Festival in July, and Dakigaeri Foliage Festival in late fall.

At Tazawako Dragon Festival this year, they performed in front of hundreds of visitors! The seats were fully taken, and many people cheered and clapped hands with the rhythms. Here are some videos from the performances. The group was requested an anchor performance!

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