Aug 19, 2011

BISCUIT, A Cafe Where the Time Stops in Kakunodate

A cafe called BISCUIT is a small cafe on the main street near JR Kakunodate Station. If you take the Ekidori ("Station Streer") down to the post office where you make a right towards the samurai houses, you will see the cozy place on your right. It is located in front of a fruit shop, Sakai-ya, where you can enjoy a cup of shaved ice and parfait.

BISCUIT offers a very quiet space. The building looks almost like a European style, but inside you will find many Japanese craftworks that are carefully selected by the cafe owner. He seems to be a quiet man who loves hiking and collecting antique goods of the world. You will find many books and magazines related to traveling, hiking, and natural living. The wooden furniture and wool products create a nice warm atmosphere. Although this place faces a street, you almost feel like you were in a mountain cabin.

This place offers a lunch of the day for only 670 yen. The potion is relatively small, but it is well seasoned and satisfying. It is a small business managed by a man (or, so it seems). The meal includes a cup of coffee, which the place is secretly known for despite that it is not a coffee specialized place.

On this day, the main dish was a small croquet with shrimp with ginger sauce served with small potato salad. Delicious!

They also offer other light meals like icecream, toasted bread with some toppings, etc. They serve organic coffee as well.

The owner is a nice man who seem to take his time to care about the customers. It is worth waiting, since the time feels so precious here! With every little thing, you would get caught in thoughts!

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