Aug 11, 2011

The 42nd Obonai-bushi Bon Odori Festival (Saturday, August 20)

The 42nd Obonai-bushi Bon Odori (生保内節盆踊り)Dance Festival will be held on Saturday, August 20th.

Every year, the event welcomes local groups of families, friends, and co-workers. Last year, a famous Bon-Odori group from Ugo Town in south Akita Prefecture joined and showed the famous dance. Local traditional performing arts preservation group from Ishigami Area at Lake Tazawa performed as well. People join the dance circle in any costume and make it enjoyable! At the venue there will be food tents as well.

(Sorry - we have no video of Obonai-bushi yet)

The dance is not difficult at all! In fact, every year new people jump in the circle. You will have no problem learning the dance because it is easy! If you join, you will be given a LED pen light or a tenugui, a traditional think cotton hand towel.

This year, the event is even more attractive! A group of local kindergarteners will perform Yosakoi-soran( at 18:45). A highschool traditional dance group from Shizukuishi Town in Iwate Prefecture will perform Yoshare and Sansa Dances(at 19:30 – 20:00) Of course, there will be a minyo (local folksong) singing as well(20:30).

The biggest change this year is that the venue is now at the parking lot of Semboku City Government Tazawako Branch Office (5 min. walk from JR Tazawako Station)

The venue will be open at 18:00 pm and the event will start at 19:00 pm. Please join us! For more information, call 0187-43-1061, or ask us. See you there!

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