Jul 13, 2011

Warabiza Theater is FREE for Children during the Summer Vacation

The Warabi-za Theater has announced that they will make the tickets free for children during the summer vacation from July 26 to August 24.

Warabi-za Theater is a company whose plays are themed in traditional and regional stories. The company is enthusiastically engaged in educational programs such as theater dance lessons utilizing such themes that are instructed by the company’s well-trained actors. The company is one of the nation’s pioneers of Educational Tourism and Green Tourism (Eo-Tourism), in which they host students group and facilitate local famer’s inns to provide agricultural experiences.

Warabi-za Theater welcomes families with child members before the Middle School. The group must be accompanied by at least one adult member. With a purchase of one FULL-PRICE adult ticket, your group will be provided with up to 3 FREE children’s tickets. This is a great deal which will last until August 24th.


From July 26 to August 16 – All 22 Stages

From August 19 and 20 – All 3 Stages

 From August 21 to 24 –All 4 States



WARABI GEKIJO (TEL 0187-44-3915)

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