Apr 11, 2011

"ATERUI" Opens with a Promise to Encourage the Tohoku

ATERUI, a new production of Warabi-za Theater Company, has just opened yesterday April 10 at its home theater, Warabi-za Theater in Semboku City. The play has been produced to commemorate the company’s 60th anniversary. The final rehearsal was held on the day before, at which the casts and staffs showed an enthusiastic stage performance before the media reporters, a local newspaper reported.

The original novel by Katsuhiko Takahashi, Hion Kita-no-yousei Aterui (火怨 北の燿星アテルイ; literally, “Aterui, the Shining Star in the North”) portrays the 8-9th century hero, Aterui, who fought to protect the emishi people (Tohoku’s indeginous people) from the conquerors of the Japanese central government led by a commander, Sakanoue-Tamuramaro, who is depicted in this novel as a childhood friend of Aterui.

Warabi-za’s Takao Nakamura (中村哮夫, age 79) comments, “The way how the emishi people contends against the conquerors overlaps with the strive of Tohoku people in the current catastrophic situation.” Miro Ebisumoto (戎本みろ, age 41), who plays Aterui, adds, “we believe this play gives courage to the victims in the disaster.”

ATERUI has opened on April 10 and continues till May 4; after a brief interval due to the national tour, it will return to the home theater on July 26th and played till August 16th. For more information, please call Warabi-za Telephone 0187-44-3939.

ATERUI (Photo/Warabi-za)

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