Jul 25, 2011

Walk Around Sabo Culture Park on Tazawako Plateau

Sabo Culture Park (サボーカルチャーパーク)is a popular walking area in Mizusawa Onsen-kyo. The two man-made waterfalls are a part of a dam system built to prevent the landslide disaster in the surrounding region. The sound of water in the park is soothing especially in the hottest season of the year.

A gazebo fro which you can see Lake Tazawa

Be careful when you cross the streams.

The park has a large grass area overlooking the Kosendatsu River (小先達川) that flows from the forests of Mt. Akita Komagatake. From there you can see the splendid mountain range as well as Lake Tazawa – both of which are important landmarks of Akita Prefecture. Cherry blossoms are along on the road, which makes it a popular and quiet hanabi (viewing) spot in early May.
The waterfalls are located in the lower side of the park. Walkways, which are designed so that visitors could observe some local fish like Japanese Chars and Yamame Trouts, measures about 260 meters in total length. The locals stop by even at night to see the fireflies there.

The walkway is about 260 meters long.

Collaboration of Indian and French Rocks and Japanese Landscape!

The park has been constructed in 1995 as a part of the dam project conducted by the municipal government -- formerly known as Tazawako-machi -- and the Ministry of Environment.

The sculptures titled “Stitching the Planet” was constructed in corporation with an Indian company. The main materials were imported from overseas -- From India are New Imperial Red Granite and Bengal Black Granite, and from France are Clarte Rose Granit and Blue Granit. The reliefs and monuments portray the curvy landscape of the surrounding natural environment.

Two man-made waterfalls seen from the lowest side of the park.

The area is easy to access: It is on the road to tourist destinations such as Akita Komagatake, Nyuto Onsenkyo, Mizusawa Onsenkyo, and Tazawako Kogen OnsenkyoTake a bus bound for Nyuto and Akita Komagatake and get off at "Kosendatsu Dam Koen Mae" (小先達公園前) .

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