Jul 13, 2011

Meet the Silkie Chicken Family and Akita Dog Trio at Lake Tazawa

Kyoei Paresu has been introduced as a souvenir shop where you can meet some Akita Dogs. It is also a place where you can see some rare chiken like Akita's Hinai-dori. Ukokkei (Silkie) is another type of chicken you can observe at this place. We heard there are many chicks in the cages now, so we stopped by to take a glimpse!

As we approached the cage, the mother chicken was hiding all the little chicks! They are so tiny and very adorable :)

The Akita Dog Trio Updates:

Across the chicken cages is where you can find the Akita Dogs! Nana, the one which joined the group most recently, is no longer small now! She is 7 month old and almost as big as Hachi but as playful as a puppy could be even in this hot and humid weather.

You might think they look rather energyless and sad to be placed in the cages, but they are not! You will know it when the caretakers are around! They are loved and taken care of very well. Even one of the caretakers tried show us how Nana dances to his singing....

Nana dances!

Well, ... Not today! Nana wasn't feeling like it on this day, but he promised to show us someday soon!

Akita dogs are definitely not made for hot humid weather... The adult dogs were laying flat on the ground motionless, while Nana remained moving and being mischevious to interupt  the cleaning, tirelessly!

If you want to see more detailed updates, go to Kyoei Paresu's official blog.

Gon and Hachi laying flat on the ground, while Nana is trying to get attention from the caretaker.

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