Jun 16, 2011

Mizu (Uwabamiso) Festival at Murakko Bussankan

Uwabamiso  (Elatostema umbellatum )is a kind of sansai (Mountain Vegetables) that is called Mizu  (ミズ)in Akita dialect. The plant’s name literally derives from what the word means, “water,” since the plant grows in a wet soil close to streams and river banks.

Murakko Bussankan (むらっこ物産館), a farmer’s market in Nishiki Area, has a monthly event (like this one) themed in different seasonal food. July is Mizu Festival, in which you can try different types of dishes using mizu as the main ingredient. Each dish plate will be sold for 100Yen. You can also find other delicious plates prepared by local farmers.

Ask a knowledgeable staff about sansai :D (Here she is holding Mizu)

Mizu Matsuri (ミズまつり)

Murakko Bussankan (むらっこ物産館)
in Nishiki Area, Semboku City
(TEL 0187-47-2205)

Sunday, July 17th, 2011. 11 AM – 15PM
(The Market is open from 9AM to 17PM.)

Festivals Scheduled For Later:

August 14th – Summer Festival
September 18th – Mushroom Festival
 October 16th – Harvest Festival
November 20th – Warm Nabe (Hot Pot) Festival
(The final event before the winter closure.)

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