Jun 30, 2011

Join Nordic Walking Events Around Semboku City

Nordic Walking is a type of walking activity in which you use poles as in ski walking so that you would use not only your muscles of legs but also the arms. There are many benefits in Nordic Walking; the poles would allow you to walk for a long distance and reduce the pressure on the knee and other joints. It is highly recommended for all-ages including elderly people.

Tazawako Sports Center has a series of Nordic Walking Events whose courses takes place around Semboku City on Sundays from July to October. The dates are as follows:

July 17 -
Nyuto Onsen-kyo Course in Semboku City

August 7 –
Senhata Nakanodai Course in Misato-cho Town

September 11 –
Lake Tazawa Course in Semboku City

October 9 –
Tamagawa Bridge and Jinguji Footbath Course in Daisen City

October 30 –
Dakigaeri Gorge Course in Semboku City

In winter, there will be Snow-shoe Walking Classes:

Sunday, February 12 –
Around Tazawako Sports Center

Tuesday, March 20 –
Around Tazawako Ski Area

The participation fee is 500 Yen (including Insurance). Please bring your own drinks, towels, change of clothes, and rainwear.

If you need to rent the poles,  please let them know when signing-up (300Yen). The courses may change without notice. The first 20 people can participate in this event. You will pay the fee on the day.

To sign-up, contact Tazawako Sports Center (E-mail or TEL 0187-46-2001/ FAX0187-46-2003).

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